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February 25, 2012

Combine is an exciting creative heritage project that aims to capture and promote the people, places and traditions that define the East Midlands’ rich agricultural past.

10th Planet were asked to devise a brand and design and build a live, regularly updated and participatory website based on that brand. The look needed to be modern but also evoke the past. We love a straightforward brief!

Inspiration for the logo came from badges found on old farm machinery and the outer shape was derived from the blades of a combine harvester. The supporting look and feel of the site and future printed material came from looking at old maps, books and documents already discovered for the project. As with the logo, the main challenge was to make something as modern a website look like something from the past which would invite members of the public to share their memories but have a simple and familiar navigation.

The Combine project is set to span five years of research, education, exhibitions and mini-projects over five areas of the East Midlands, so the site is the main hub for news and promotion of future events, whilst also being the archive for all the material collected over its life.

Templar Knights Partnership

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March 1, 2011

Web design, ecommerce and branding. (more…)

The Beat is the Law : Redux

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April 21, 2010

In the run up to the release of the DVD, Sheffield Vision came back to us to update with the new and finalised branding. We’ve been with this project from the beginning, so were happy to be on board to take it to it’s final incarnation on the web.

This time the root of the core design came from The Designer’s Republic, the influential design studio that set up in the middle of the documentary’s focus period, rather than Martin Bedford, like last time.

The main challenge when turning a print design into something that will work on the web is making everything work within a medium that you as a designer has very little, if any control over how the viewer will see it in the end. You then have to factor in elements of usability, flow and user experience, all without sacrificing the aesthetic quality of the original design… Fortunately, we’re well versed in that ;)

The site’s content was all in place from the last version of the site, so it was important that it all stayed in place and the cross over between versions was perfectly smooth as nether us nor Sheffield Vision wanted to see any downtime on the site. This meant having to readjust a lot of content to fit into a very different form factor, as well as moving and reorganising the structure, all without changing the site’s internal structure, to avoid losing the PageRank.

N&SE Coffey Design & Build

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March 19, 2010


The Beat is the Law

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October 15, 2009


Dave Butcher

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August 24, 2009

Doctor Dave Butcher is an internationally acclaimed black and white photographer. He is also a respected authority on the techniques of photography and photographic printing. He shares his skill in workshops, lectures and courses and is the author and subject of several books and magazine articles.

Dave was looking to pull together all of his marketing, publicity and corporate material which had built up over time and did not have any consistency or recognisable style. Much of the printed material was produced in-house on an ad-hoc basis.

10th Planet started from scratch and, after immersing ourselves in the world of mono photography, created a striking new corporate identity which was inspired by one of Dave’s own favourite pieces of work. The logo and accompanying style was designed to be flexible and versatile enough to be used in a very wide range of situations.

It was applied initially to stationery, brochures, posters and a book cover, after which we completely redesigned the website to provide information, a gallery of his entire collection of work (all of which is available to purchase) and the ability to book courses. Dave can control this website himself using a bespoke content management system we created especially for the project.

The highly recognisable new logo, corporate style and publicity material is helping to promote the Dave Butcher brand worldwide.

Concept Footwear

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July 23, 2009


Complete Runner

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May 22, 2009

After designing Complete Runner’s website in 2001, the owners felt it was time for a change and to embrace new technology.

10th Planet updated everything both visually and technically to bring the online store back up-to-date and build on the success of the old site.

The site was built ontop of a heavily customised Zen Cart installation. We took the Zen Cart framework and pushed it to its absolute limits, eschewing the very tired pre-built templates and conventions that were currently on offer.

As well as designing and building the site we also registered the domain and provide managed hosting for the site. This means that Complete Runner has complete peace of mind and know who to turn to when they need help.

Since the update, sales have started coming in from all over the world and increased overall by more than 20% and look to improve even further.

Uncommon People

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April 24, 2009


Sensoria 2009

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April 20, 2009



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April 15, 2009



November 18, 2008


New Era Aquaculture

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November 23, 2005


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