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Our Approach

At 10th Planet we believe everything in the world should look nice and should work properly. This may not sound hugely ambitious, but it’s a mission which has kept us busy for nearly twenty years.

We don’t really distinguish between print and web design. We don’t spend hours in client meetings or throwing jargon about – we just get on with it.

We don’t believe in bad briefs. We approach every project with an open mind, keen to explore the subject and create some great design. We like to spend time researching the subject and to immerse ourselves in your products, services, brand and way of thinking. And (in the nicest possible way) we look straight past you to your own clients’ needs – something that both clients and designers are often guilty of missing. We become part of your creative team so that the work you get back is informed and better than you had imagined.

The wide diversity of the work and clients in our portfolio is testament to this. Why not have a look…

About Us

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