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How we work

Client Services

At 10th Planet we believe in building great relationships with our clients. That’s why when you talk to us, you talk straight to the designers. No account handlers, no middlemen, you just say what you need straight to the people that will actually sort it out for you.

We’re a full service agency. That means that we can help orchestrate a cross-media campaign, create a whole new brand identity, write engaging copy and help you connect with the people you want to.

Our team has a wide variety of experience, coming from all angles of the design world. Whether you need packaging that will be used internationally, or cutting edge, standards compliant web design, we cover it.


As well as working with our own clients we are also called in by other creative agencies to fill gaps in their services or skills. For instance, your company may not have an in-house technical illustrator, Flash animator or WordPress specialist. We can step in, discreetly provide the necessary work…and make you look better!


We provide an Apple Macintosh consultancy service to the creative sector. Based on years of experience, both as users and technical supporters, we have a unique perspective on the problems faced by creatives in getting the most out of their hardware and software. Because we have already experienced (and solved) pretty much all the problems all ourselves in our day-to-day work we are able to share this knowledge.

We can troubleshoot specific single problems or provide more in-depth advice and training on entire workflows for example font management, preparing artwork for press or website creation.

We start with the user’s unique needs and work outwards to encompass the system, application software and all of the periperal devices and concepts involved in their individual workflow.

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About Us

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