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July 2009

The Barn Clinic

Branding, Creative Services, Web

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Concept Footwear

How do you make orthotic shoes sexy? This was the challenge posed to us with this project. The client wanted to steer clear of any medical connotations and focus on trying to make the product a desirable fashion item.

We started by choosing a look that would ooze exoticism, style and class, so the customer would feel like they were looking at a truly exceptional product. We created a baroque inspired design, filled it with luxurious reds and purples and added subtle textures to bring about a decadent, yet intimate theme.

From a technical view, the Concept Footwear includes a variety of features that help bring the site to life. Each style of shoe includes an interactive 360 rotating view, a feature that required us to carry out product photography and image preparation work for each style. The site was designed to be compatible with all browsers, but included some extra flourishes for people with more modern browsers such as AJAX based loading of available styles by brand and custom fonts using Flash.

It was important to the client to include customer feedback, so we implemented customer reviews and a star rating system, together with a moderation panel for the client. The customer can leave feedback about a product without ever leaving the page they’re on and is invited to join the Concept Footwear mailing list, providing a mechanism to create a customer database.

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