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Us and Sheffield

We think Sheffield is the best city in the world, and we like to show it.

We’re involved in a variety of projects to promote Sheffield internationally, as well as at a local level.

We are sponsors of Sensoria, the UKs festival of film and music and have been the festival’s designers since its inception.

We were also involved with Uncommon People from the initial planning stages, and built the entire system from the ground up as well as providing the visual identity of the project. This is an interactive exploration of the DNA of Sheffield music, and traces the history and connections between every Sheffield band and its members.

We designed, branded, built and curated Y2TX to promote Yorkshire’s creative talent over in the States.

In the community, we do work with some local schools and colleges, helping give a real-world angle on their projects. We are supporters of the new Creative and Media Diplomas and have been helping students turn their ideas into professional finished designs, for example in producing publicity material for Sheffield’s Sharrow Festival.

See our article about Sheffield as a Creative Centre for more…

About Us

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