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Socialite is our social media management, marketing and training programme.

Social media isn’t about marketing and business is it? Surely it’s about catching up with friends and relatives, sharing opinions and jokes and generally relaxing at home or wasting time at work? Well, we agree.

So why are we talking about social media in marketing terms?

The truth is, it’s all over the place anyway. Marketing and data capture is built into the fabric of social media. Facebook is slowly and continuously building up a very detailed picture of you, your friends and your habits with every click you make. This is gold dust to the marketeers who can access the information and use it properly. Despite its apparent simplicity Twitter knows more about you than you think. Google+ uses your existing Google account and profile to work.

Knowing about what’s going on underneath social media is key to putting it to work for you to help your company’s online profile in general, or add to a specific marketing campaign…often at a fraction of the budget of traditional marketing campaigns. With the instant feedback you can get, you’ll have a chance to engage your customers in a dialogue rather than to just broadcast at them.

We’re not saying social media is the answer to all your marketing dreams – it’s just another tool which will become as commonplace as websites are now – but it’s something that needs to be absorbed into your overall marketing strategy right now.

We can show you how and let you get on with it…or just manage the whole thing for you.

  • DIYDo It Yourself

    Teach yourself how to use social media channels to improve your business.

    We will meet with you, assess your requirements, get a feel for your business and discuss your own ideas. This will give us ideas for strategies and what channels to use.

    The second session will be a hands-on look at the specific social media channels we have agreed to work with. We will have already set accounts up beforehand, so the session is purely about usage.

    The third session will be a roundup of the previous two, allow any questions that have arisen to be answered and to analyse the success of your campaign so far.

    After that, it’s up to you! However we can offer optional ongoing support as well, if you think you need it.

    Funding is Available!

    Did you know there are funding packages available to cover this kind of training?

    Working with a funding provider, we are able to make this service even more cost-effective. Please fill in the form below or contact us by email or phone for more details…

  • DoneManaged

    Let us take the time and effort instead of you

    As with the DIY programme will meet and discuss all your requirements in depth. Then we will go away and propose a strategy, present it to you for approval and start working.

    At regular intervals we will prompt you for relevant information which we will then manipulate to suit the social media channels we have decided to use.


    We will prompt you either weekly or monthly for the information we need. This may be company news, relevant happenings in the news you want to share or something specific to an ongoing campaign.

    The work we do on reformatting and posting the information supplied can be spread out across this period to give a constant stream of updates or done at certain predetermined times…it’s up to you.


    You could:

    • Supply a news roundup of happenings in your company every week

    We could:

    • Write a blog entry
    • Find relevant video clips on YouTube and add to your profile and blog
    • Take smaller elements from the article and update Facebook status, wall and gallery and sharing any relevant links to external sitesĀ – possibly do this several times over the week
    • Tweet regularly throughout the week

    Of course, we would tailor what really happens here to what your business or campaign strategy needs.

  • Find out More

    The packages are bespoke and created for you. If you want to dicuss how we can help, please use the form below orĀ contact us by phone or email.

    We’ll also be talking more about it and social media in general in our blog…





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