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The Beat is the Law !

October 15, 2008

10th Planet have just returned from the “teaser” premier of the new film “The Beat is the Law”.

The film is a sequel to 2001’s “Made in Sheffield”, a chronicle of  the rise of music in the city from the early 1970s to the early 1980s when pioneers such as the Human League, ABC, Cabaret Voltaire, Heaven 17, Pulp, I’m So Hollow, Artery, The Extras, 2.3, Clock DVA and The Comsat Angels set about their mission…to “kill off Rock and Roll”!

That film was premiered at Sheffield’s International Documentary Festival (another client of ours!)  and has since become an international success, becoming part of musical history itself as well as making it into Time Out’s list of 50 greatest Musical Films Ever. It also features one of the last interviews with John Peel, as well as contributions from all the main players.

“The Beat is the Law” continues the story through to the 1990s taking in Pulp, Babybird, Longpigs, Moloko and more and also follows the rise of dance music from Warp, FON and  WAU!MrModo as well as interviews with Jarvis Cocker and Richard Hawley.

Eve Wood (director) and Richard Wood (Producer) asked us to create a website for this project after a conversation between Andy and Eve which started in the Showroom cinema in 2001, got interrupted, and then, strangely, resumed in 2008 in exactly the same place.

The film has been entirely funded by Eve and Richard’s Company Sheffield Vision. Tonight’s premier hopes to allow the film to be finished and marketed by gaining the support of Sheffield businesses. Plenty of local artists, designers and musicians were in attendance and are hopefully, spreading the word. Eve Wood showed a compilation of highlights from “Made in Sheffield”. Human League and Heaven 17 founder Martyn Ware made an inspiring speech to drum up support before a tantalising teaser trailer was shown leaving all who were there wanting more. Music was courtesy of a DJ set by Ralph Razor.

10th Planet are proud to sponsor and support the project and we wish it every success.

Keep checking the site for updates…

In case you wondered, “The Beat is The Law” comes from the pioneering 1987 Krush track “House Arrest (The Beat is Law)”.

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